Azienda agricola biologica La Conca



In the silence of the hills of the Marche, is an old house from 1600 with high vaults, apartments, rooms and restaurant. The Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini that frames this beautiful place is making a unique panorama. The large garden is surrounded by an apple orchard  of  Rosa dei Sibillini (protected apple trees) fresh vegetables and truffles,  and makes this place a destination not to be missed.
You have the opportunity to visit small towns and beautiful mountains. "La Conca" is part of the Alliance of the Italian Chefs and Slow-food.
The food is great and original - lunch and dinner made with fresh herbs , organic vegetables.
The homemade jam of flower petals roses, primroses and violets is a nice addition to the breakfast .
You will go home refreshed and fully satisfied.


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Loc. Cerasola, 44 - 63856 Smerillo (FM)
tel (+39) 0734 79387 - cel (+39) 333 4792529

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